Saturday, February 8, 2020

Bridges are a Blast!

We are enjoying bridges more and more with each day and learning so many interesting things about their design and uses.  It has been super fun to watch the students problem solve while they work on designing bridges out of loose material in the classroom.  The level of creativity has taken off this week and I am such a proud teacher.

We spent the last few weeks conducting our IGDIs State assessment for literacy and I am blown away by the progress they have all made since the last assessment in the fall.  Way to go, kiddos!  :)

On Thursday we will have our Valentine's Day party and each student is to bring in a box, as well as cards for their friends with ONLY their name signed.  Please do not have your student write the name of who the card is for, as it gets really tough for them to find the correct box to put them in...simplicity is best.  We have 19 students.

Spring break is March 16-20.

We have had a lot of sick kiddos.  I am going to begin having each student wash their hands when they arrive to school to try and cut down on the germs being spread.  Paper towel donations are so appreciated as we continue to use lots while we clean LOTS.

 I know that illness is bound to happen, but the past couple weeks has been brutal.  Please remember to keep your kiddo home if they are not feeling well and help remind your student to cover their coughs and wash their hands after they blow their nose.  Remember, a virus is still a virus without a fever and is still contagious.

Thank you for all you do!

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