Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 We are continuing to be blessed with beautiful weather, but the chill is in the air.  Please remember to dress your kiddos for the colder temperatures.   Bring it on...Ms. Sam and Ms. Hollie are stepping up our game to look like we are headed to the North Pole!  :)

We are still enjoying learning new things about crickets this week and will be doing some fall discoveries this week and next week as well.  We are still doing our research on why there are so many crickets in the pasture this time of year.  We have so many brave little ones that just grab up every insect they see without any fear.  SO COOL!

Picture day will be October 7th and we have group A and group B come to preschool on the same day.  Our day will run from 9-11, so a little bit shorter.  Our photographer only works on Wednesday, so thank you for making this time work.  Ms. Sam and I will each take a class so that we can still social distance throughout the morning.   ALL STUDENTS WILL COME ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7TH FROM 9-11.  :)  NO SCHOOL ON OCTOBER 8TH AS WE HAVE A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY.  THANK YOU so very much for being flexible to make this work.  Parking will be a little tricky, but know that you can park on Ridgewood Drive.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We feel truly blessed with how amazing the students have been so far this year and how much they are already learning and growing.  We REALLY love having smaller class sizes.  ;)